The Real

Based on the commonly adopted by the industry material – ABS, its reinforced
version, Z-ULTRAT Plus offers noticeably stronger and more durable
alternative to professionals worldwide.

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Too Strong for the Shock.
Impact resistance is the major feature of the material that provides high performance even when conditions get really tough. Its improved durability appears advantageous especially with models that need to survive numerous testing without affecting their visible and physical properties.

HEATER CONTROL VALVE. The properties of Z-ULTRAT Plus guarantee the durability of the model exposed to constant friction or tearing.

Enter the Extremes.
This resistant thermoplastic stays unaffected by the extreme temperatures. The users can now evaluate their prototypes freely without the fear that the 3D printed elements will be destroyed
by the changing temperature.
Printed valve without support


  • functional prototypes requiring improved resistance
  • complex models consisted of many elements
  • mechanisms made within a single print
  • durable end-use parts

to use:

  • temperature resistance 90˚C
  • reduced shrinkage
  • firm adhesion between layers
  • durability
  • impact resistance
  • based on ABS
for the Z-ULTRAT Plus.
available colors blue, red, orange, graphite,
ivory, pure black
temperature resistance 90˚C
shrinkage low
resistant to impact
interlayer adhesion high
compatible with Z-SUPPORT Plus

*The material is supported by the new black Build Tray Plus which is more resistant to high temperatures in the printing chamber.

Z-ULTRAT Plus Material
Data Sheet.
Z-ULTRAT Plus is a material characterized by high impact resistance that
combined with the firm interlayer adhesion and temperature resistance makes it perfect choice for industrial applications.