Take what’s Best
from Both.

Combining the features of rubber and plastic resulted in creating Z-SEMIFLEX,
a TPU-98A based material offering multiple applications for professional users
requiring both elasticity and stiffness of the components.

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Say No More to Wear and Tear.
High interlayer adhesion is the factor that translates to the improved durability of the material. The strong bond between layers makes Z-SEMIFLEX resist even when exposed to tearing and abrasion, which makes it the best choice for functional prototypes tested in adverse environments.

Narrowing of pulmonary homograft. Thanks to the shape-memory of the Z-SEMIFLEX the model can resemble the physical properties of the organ.

Stay in Shape.
Z-SEMIFLEX belongs to the group of shape-memory thermoplastics that after pressing can easily return to their initial shape. Thanks to the both stiffness and elasticity offered by the material the 3D printed models can undergo various tests without the risk of destroying their form.

Universal joint rubber boot. The temperature resistance of Z-SEMIFLEX allows the model to be used as a functional automotive prototype.

Printed valve without support


  • end-use parts with medium elasticity
  • parts resistant to high temperatures 130˚C
  • elements that need to be resistant to oils and greases
  • parts exposed to chemicals
  • all elements requiring the use of semi flexible material

to use:

  • resistance to tearing and wearing
  • very high adhesion between layers
  • no material shrinkage
  • shape-memory
  • resistance to greases and chemicals
  • resistance to high temperatures 130˚C
  • based on TPU-98A material
for the Z-SEMIFLEX.
available colors black
temperature resistance 130˚C
chemical resistance yes
shrinkage no
interlayer adhesion high
resistant to greases yes
elasticity medium
compatible with Z-SUPPORT
Data Sheet.
Z-SEMIFLEX is a semi elastic material that distinguishes itself with resistance to greases, temperature and chemicals, that together with high interlayer adhesion and no shrinkage contribute to its durable profile.