We have prepared something special for all our customers. We hope that you will like it as much as we do. Check out the details!


We’ve got numerous e-mails with questions about certain updates, so we continue our work and now we proudly give you the newest Z-Firmware V0.0.4, which is ready to download from our websites (DOWNLOADS section).


So Zortrax, what’s NEW?

Check the list below for new updates:

– Added platform AUTO CALIBRATION FEATURE – step by step commands on display menu.
– Added PRINT CANCELLATION option (push the button for 10 sec).
– Added PAUSE option – you can set pause point in Z-Suite or do it by pushing the button for 10 sec.
– PAUSE option allows you to:

– stop printing process and get back to it later,
– Print MULTICOLOR models – change filament color any time during the printing process, choose Change filament option.

– Added option for moving Up/Down the platform using the display menu.
– Added heating extruder option on the display menu.
– Fixed bug – you no longer have to restart your printer after every print.
– Calibration section on display menu changed to MAINTENANCE section.
– Fixed bugs connected with acceleration.
– Many other improvements added and bugs fixed.

Enjoy 3D printing with Zortrax


  • Hyman posted Dec 26, 2015 - 12:46

    Z-Firmware V0.0.4 download not found error message