After two days full of activities the Zortrax Experience Conference has come to an end. That’s a good occasion to come to you with a recap and some conclusions on the event.


The People

Let’s start from the core of the event – the participants. The Zortrax Experience Conference was dedicated to all our Resellers as a chance to provide them with some knowledge on the products, and meet them in person. We were really happy that we can host so many of you as some of the Resellers had to cross a really big distance to visit our place.


But to make the list of guests full we needed lecturers who will make a good company and fill us in on the 3D printing applications. Gladly the representatives of All3DP, 3D Printing Industry and CD3D representatives agreed to join our conference. Having Mathias Plica, Michael Petch and Paweł Ślusarczyk on board we could start fruitful discussions on the condition of 3D printing.


Of course, we cannot forget about the members of our Zortrax team who did their best and provided complex presentations on new products, technical support, case studies, the new Resellers Platform and more.


The Place

Having our headquarters situated in the middle of the picturesque Land of Thousand Lakes we didn’t have doubts concerning the right venue for the Zortrax Experience Conference. Thankfully the weather was great so apart from the complex know-how on additive manufacturing technology we could also introduce all our guests to the multiple attractions of our local heritage.

The Contents

As you might read on our previous blogpost about the Zortrax Experience Conference, the first day of the event was mainly dedicated to premieres, but that’s of course not everything. Due to the invited guests representing the biggest Internet services on 3D printing technology, we could all take part in the Pannel Discussion where we got to know that the desktop sector is doing well and according to the prognoses the future increases can be seen in the following period and it’s rather “unstoppable” as the lecturers stressed.


The Entertainment

Combining business with pleasure – no problem! As the conditions were favorable we prepared many activities which gave us the opportunity to get to know our resellers and their needs better in a convenient and friendly atmosphere. Just to give you a little sneak peak, we can say that motorboats, concert and on-the-water display – to enlist just some of them, did the job well.


Wish You Were Here

Was the conference successful? Just have a look at the pictures! Those of you who didn’t take part in the event should not worry. We hope all of our users will enjoy the summer full of Zortrax premieres. Soon you will get the chance to test and try all the new and upgraded products and of course to share your feedback with us so in return we can have the basis to work on even more user-tailored solutions. Thank you all!