Exciting news! After the long travel, our team reached Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA. Their goal and destination – Rapid + TCT 2017 conference and trade show that took place on 9-11th May in Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center. This is the very first time, we are showcasing our innovative solutions and models on a big 3D printing event in North America. On site, Zortrax 4-person team joined forces with our local Distributor 3D Proshare. They weren’t alone though, Super Hero tagged along to watch over our stand! blog-fotka-870x550px-6

Steel City

The history of Pittsburgh starts with the steel manufacturing, so for years, it was known as “Steel City”. Although the label stayed, Pittsburgh became more and more popular as a place for high innovation business. Clearly, industrial shift paid off, as it is now a home for numerous companies dealing with robotics, health care and biomedical technologies. No surprise that it was chosen to host this year’s Rapid + TCT event!blog-fotka-870x550px-5-min

Accelerating 3D Manufacturing

Rapid + TCT is North America’s largest additive manufacturing conference. During three days visitors can partake in various workshops, tech briefings, panels and presentations. Event organizers – SME and Rapid News Publications, ensured appearance of over 200 industry’s leaders, all of them willingly sharing their knowledge and passion for 3D printing. Furthermore, exhibit area housed 327 hands-on stands of manufacturers, press, design studios and companies related to 3D printing. But only one booth had an elite bodyguard!blog-fotka-870x550px-1-min


It’s hard to say who was more excited about our participation in the event – we or visitors. Undoubtedly though, our Super Hero stole the show! Number of selfies and photos taken with him was simply enormous. Another star of our stand was Z-ESD material. Guest were absolutely impressed with casings for graphic card and external hard drive protected from electrostatic discharge by the latest addition to the M Series material range. Additionally, high quality of our 3D prints made visitors ask for the nearest shop selling Zortrax 3D products, 3D Proshare obliged them with the information. That’s the spirit, America!3D Printer component with Zortrax M300 in the background