set the TREND.

Add a new tool to your creative process and see how easy it
is to come up with unique designs with the help with 3d printing

3D printing in

Creativity shall be stifled no more. Even the most unique and original design ideas
can now be made in an efficient and fast manner thanks to Zortrax 3D printers.
The technology allows you to create items of clothing or accessories that
will withstand anything you throw at them. They can also be tailor-made
to satisfy and fit all fans of your style. Don't get left behind and make sure
you are the one at the forefront of fashion.

Diamond ring

end-use elements

Pig bank

low cost production

Fashion buttons

customized design


rapid redesigning

design with STYLE.

by cutting

Replace the old methods
of manual crafting with 3d printing.

cutting costs

by tailoring

Design different variations to satisfy
the demands of your customers.

tailoring designs

by accessorising.

create strong and light-weight
decorations that are ready to be used.


you only need

Order today, unpack and instantly start
improving your products

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