what is 3D printing?

It`s never too late to learn.

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the design

3D model

convert your 2D project
into 3D model

Real thing

see how your idea turns
into real thing

how does it work?

You only need to know that it has nothing in common with rocket science.
3D printing is a unique technology that gives you amazing number
of possibilites and at the same time – minimizing the limitations.

the Technology.

what does 3D printing stand for?

The simplest possible definition of 3D printing is the
technology that is about turning digital projects into
tangible objects with the use of devices such as
3D printers, special software and printing materials.

3D printing is categorized as additive technology,
as contrary to the subtractive methods like machining,
the material is being added and, particularly in FFF
technology, build up by a 3D printer of a melted
substance layer by layer to produce a solid object.
3D printing has been present in the market since 80’s
but only recently this niche technology gained much
popularity and recognition among industries thanks
to its universality and wide application spectrum.

Among various techniques like SLS, SLA
or FFF known under the name of 3D printing,
Zortrax distinguishes itself by introducing its
own LPD and LPD Plus technologies.

before you START 3D printing.

The whole process stars with CAD design of the
object which has to be made in one of a multiple
modeling programs. Zortrax users have in fact lots
of freedom choosing the most suitable one, as most
of them is compatible with Zortrax dedicated
software – Z-SUITE.
When you are ready with the
project you can just use drag’n’drop option to import
it to Z-SUITE where the file will be sliced into layers
and transformed into g.code that will enable the
3D printer to reproduce the shape and parameters
of your design.

Discover Z-SUITE


3D printing finds its application in various industries and due to the fact
that this is a relatively new technology and a universal one, the list of them is
constantly getting bigger and can be perceived as open-ended one.
Just see our examples to find out the fields where the technology can actually
work for you.

RAPID prototyping

Since time is the main value in every production
process, there’s a real necessity to coordinate each project in a way that it lasts less. In this case when speed grows so does the efficiency. Ability to create prototypes really fast is vital for streamlining the whole product cycle and cutting time and costs on outsourcing. See how fast you can obtain the
desired results that meet the industrial needs.

Rapid prototyping

RAPID redesigning

Manufacturing prototypes really fast gives
more room for evaluation and ability for constant
improvement by adding necessary tweaks each
time the mistake is spotted. Once you see your
product doesn’t meet the desired standards, you make
necessary changes on spot
, implement them and go
forward with the design/production.

Rapid redesigning


Stay open for the latest technologies, especially such precise and complex as Additive Manufacturing.
Produce elements like gears, bearings and motors using the materials that can resist temperatures, acids, high friction and grease and test them
thoroughly before implementing in high end
vehicles or industrial machines.


3D printing in industries.

All industries get similar at some point. The thing
that links all of them is the constant need of improvement,
required by the changing market and stakeholders. With
Zortrax 3D printers you can bring the new quality
to your business or complement the old ways of production with
the latest technology. Reshape your business at reasonable price
level and dare BIG without risking a lot. There’s never been
so little at stake.