about Zortrax PRESSROOM.


Zortrax is a leading European manufacturer of integrated 3D printing solutions.

The company’s business strategy is focused on providing the highest quality 3D printing ecosystem for a wide range of business professionals. The company’s products are used by thousands of clients around the world in various industries such as: architecture, healthcare, automotive, industrial engineering, education or fashion.

Zortrax’s products are available on all major global markets, as the company operates through an extensive network of more than 160 resellers offering their products to professionals in more than 50 countries around the world.

Since its founding Zortrax produced consistent growth building upon its operational and financial potential. The company’s dynamic expansion is represented by a number of key indicators including a 300 percent annual revenue increase from 2014 to 2015, and a steady addition of employees from just a few staff members in 2013 to more than 80 in 2016. This type of performance has helped to establish Zortrax as one of the leading global providers of 3D printing solutions.

Zortrax’s printers are well known on the 3D printing scene for their quality, durability and high level of control over the printing process. Based on those specifics users often choose Zortrax’s products to create functional prototypes, complexed 3D models and other advanced 3D prints demanding rigorous quality standards. The integrated ecosystem guarantees that all its elements such as printers, filaments or software will be working in a perfect coherence allowing the user to effectively reduce both the time and costs of their business.

The company’s research & development team continuously works on further expansion of Zortrax’s product line. By designing new products and adding new innovative functionalities to the Z-SUITE software, the company adapts to the rapidly changing 3D printing market, answering to the needs of their clients. The R&D team’s efforts often result in setting new golden standards of quality and reliability for the entire 3D printing industry.

Solutions designed by Zortrax have been widely appreciated both by the community of specialists (3Dhubs ratings) and industrial experts. The company and its products received many prestigious awards such as: Highest Rated Desktop Device (3D Hub, 2015), Best Plug & Play Device (3D Hub, 2014, 2015, 2016) or the Design Alive Award for the best strategy (2014). The M200 has been also recognized by MAKE as the 2nd best FDM 3D printer overall.